Where I’ve Been

I love museums (particularly museums about Japanese trains), but I loathe beaches. That should go some way towards explaining why the following list is so heavily skewed in favour of one particular country. (^_^)

In order of number of times visited, and not counting my native Philippines:

1ST PLACE, visited 15 times

2ND PLACE, visited 7 times
South Korea

3RD PLACE, visited 4 times each
Hong Kong

4TH PLACE, visited twice

5TH PLACE, visited once each
Vatican City

X-TH PLACE, kinda sorta maybe perhaps technically visited once but not quite since I was in a neutral border zone so it might be more accurate to say that I’ve been to a place under this country’s territorial administration but in circumstances that would not be the same as those surrounding an actual visit of the kind experienced in the other countries listed above and I say is that a speck of dust on my monitor…
North Korea

Note that these rankings are based purely on the number of times I’ve been to each place, and are not intended to imply that one destination is necessarily better than another!

I wasn’t much of a travel blogger before 2013, but you’ll see bits and pieces of my previous trips on my anime blog (more specifically under the Travelogues tab). The first journey I blogged from start to finish was my 2013 trip to Japan, which you can find right here.



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